Project Description

Centric type butterfly valve flange connection, which can be used in water supply and drainage project.

Centric type butterfly valve flange connection technical specification:

Nominal Diameter: DN100–DN2400

Nominal Pressure: 10Bar/16Bar/150lbs/25bar

Design Standard:  BS EN593/BS5155/API609/DIN3354

FTF Dimension:  ISO 5752 SERIES 13&14 /BS EN558 SERIES 13&14 /API609/DIN3202/ASME B16.10

Flange Connection: ASME B16.1 Class125/ASME B16.5 CL150/ASME B16.47 CL150/AWWA C207/

                             DIN 2501 PN10-16-25/EN1092 PN10-16-25

Inspection and Test:    EN12266-1/API 598/ISO5208

Advantages of a Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are similar as ball valves but have more advantages. They are open and close very quickly when actuated pneumatically. The disc is more lighter than a ball, and the valves require less structural support than a ball valve of comparable diameter. Butterfly valves are very precise, which makes them advantageous in industrial applications. They are quite reliable and require very little maintenance.

1. Turning on/off easily and rapidly with less force. Having less fluid resistance and can be operated frequently.
2. Simple structure, small size ans short face to face dimension, which suitable for large diameter valves.
3. Can be used for transmitting mud, less liquids are stored at apertures of pipe.
4. Long service life. Standing the test of tens of thousands opening/closing operations.
5. Butterfly valves have excellent regulation performance.
7. Small torque. The pressure on disc at the two sides of spindle is almost equal, causing contrary torque. Thereby, the valves can be opened with less force.
8. Sealing face is generally med of rubber or plastic. So the butterfly valves can be with good sealing under low pressure.

Centric type butterfly valve flange connection material list:

  1. Body
  •     Ductile Iron:   ASTM A536 60-40-18/ DIN1693 GGG40,GGG50
  •     Carbon Steel:  ASTM A216 WCB
  •     Stainless Steel:  ASTM A351 CF8/CF8M
  1. Disc
  •     Ductile Iron:    ASTM A536 60-40-18/ DIN1693 GGG40,GGG50
  •     Carbon Steel:   ASTM A216 WCB
  •     Stainless Steel :  ASTM A351 CF8/CF8M
  •     Bronze AL-Bronze: ASTM B148 C954
  1. Stem 
  •     Stainless Steel:    ASTM A182 304/316/410
  •     Alloy:           Monel K500
  1. Seat                        SS304/SS316/Brass
  2. Sealing Ring          EPDM/NBR
  3. Retaining Ring       Carbon Steel/SS304/SS316
  4. Screw                     Carbon Steel/SS201/SS304/SS316
  5. Packing                 NBR/EPDM/VITON/Flexible Graphite
  6. Yoke                     Cast Iron/Carbon Steel
  7. Bushing               PTFE/Bronze
  8. Pin
  •       Stainless Steel     ASTM A182 304/316/410
  •       Alloy                Monel K500
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