DAVAN FLOWTEK, is a professional valve manufacturer, like gate valve and butterfly valve in Tianjin China. But we are only the valve manufacturer here?? — The answer is NO!

Davan Flowtek has been committed to supporting engineering supply services in the field of water project. One of the most important customers is the United Nations project.

We have been registered in the United Nations procurement market and passed the registration review.


The project we supply this time is in South Sudan, a water supply project of UNICEF. As the designated supplier of valves, Davan Flowtek was selected into the supplier name list. Because the project involves more than a dozen types of valves, we have to considerate different connection standard and sizes, such as flanged butterfly valve, gate valve, nozzle check valve, air released valve, pressure reducing valve, float valve, flap valve, Penstock, stop log, brass threaded gate valve and water meter, etc. We communicated with the customer engineer for a long time, the details including pressure, size, installation position, the height of extension bar, use the position of assembling, and so on. Regarding the details of each product, we confirm everything one by one. Ensure that it can be supplied with the owner’s requirements and delivered under the agreed delivery date.

unicef water letter 1Unicef water letter 2


Below, we will introduce which products we have provided in this project:

  1. Butterfly valve

This time we provide a double flanged centerline butterfly valve. The customer’s requirement is to operate in a high place. Therefore, according to the actual working conditions, we have provided the customer with a corresponding height extension bar and installed a fixed pedestal.

butterfly valve locationbutterfly valve with extension bar 1 butterfly valve with extension bar 2

Material: GGG50 body and disc, EPDM lined seat, SS420 stem with extension bar and handwheel

  1. Gate valve

Resilient seat gate valves are often used in water pipelines, and they all play a role in blocking and intercepting the flow. This time we are provided with BS5163 standard and DIN3352 F4 standard resilient seat gate valve, PN10/PN16 pressure, and connection size, and according to customer requirements, we also equipped with corresponding extension bar and pedestal.

dn350 resilient seat gate valve gate valve location gate valve with extension stem

Material: Ductile iron body, Ductile iron disc with EPDM wedge, ss420 stem, brass stem nuts and handwheel

  1. Air release valve

The function of the air valve is to remove the excess air in the pipeline. According to the structure, there are single orifice air valves and double orifice air valves; according to their functions, there are double function air valves and triple function air valves. This time, we selected a double orifice triple function air release valve, which can remove the big volume of excess gas in the pipeline in a short time.

air release valve with isolation valve double orifice air release valve

The client need the air valve with isolation gate valve also this time.

  1. Water meter

According to the connection, the water meter is divided into a rotary-wing water meter (threaded connection) and a flange water meter.

threaded water meter 1 threaded water meter 2

  1. Float valve

The float valve is mainly used to control the height of the water level on the water tank or water tower. The height of the float on the water surface is used to control the opening and closing of the valve, thereby controlling the medium in the pipeline. The installation location is always with the resilient seat gate valve and y strainer, please check below picture:

float valve install

DN50 float valve DN250 float valve

  1. Flap valve

The flap valve is mainly used in drainage systems, usually at the end of the pipeline. When the medium in the pipeline is flowing, the shutter door is opened correspondingly under a certain pressure. Once there is no medium flow rate in the pipeline, the shutter door will be closed.

flap valve flap valve flap valve


  1. Pressure reducing valve

As the name suggests, it is a special valve that reduces the pressure on both sides of that. The principle of action is to change the pressure by adjusting the upper regulating valve to adapt to the pipeline pressure demand. Generally speaking, the inlet pressure an outlet pressure should not be lower than 2MPA.

You can see the resilient seat gate valve and strainer are still important in the pipeline.

pressure reducing valve assembling location

pressure reducing valve

 8. Penstock and stop Log

These two products are cut-off valves, which are used to intercept water flow in the water channels or rivers. Generally, PENSTOCK(sometimes it called sluice valve) can be large in size and used in large rivers. Because of the stop log structure, it is generally used for small rivers or water channels.


penstock use

aluminum stop log

  1. Brass gate valve

Brass gate valves are generally used on small-sized pipes, so most of the connections are threaded connections, with BSP or NPT threads. We can produce according to customers’ requirements.

brass gate valve


10. Nozzle check valve

The Nozzle check valve is always used in the water pump station, the assembling location is after the pump in the pipeline. In recently, most of the customers ask us to buy the nozzle check valve instead of swing check valve, the main reason is making big noise by swing check valve during the using time.


nozzle check valve

The above is a summary of the valve products of this UN project. After the production is completed, we had arranged to book, supervise the loading and shipment according to the customer’s requirements. Cooperate with Davan Flowtek, you can enjoy a one-stop attentive service.

All in all, Davan Flowtek appreciates all the clients who cooperate with our company, and we are also honored to be a supplier approved by the United Nations. We sincerely hope that Davan Flowtek can cooperate with all customers for win-win business and create a better future.