Project Description

single air release valve with side flange, which can be used in water supply and drainage project.

single air release valve with side flange technical specification:


Design standard: EN1074-4:2000

Flange standard: EN1092-2:1997

Testing standard: EN12266-1:2012

Working pressure: 16kgs/cm3

                Shell testing pressure: 25kgs/cm3

                Seat test pressure: 18kgs/cm3

               Media: water, neutral oil

External and internal coating: 100% fusion-bonded EPOXY

SS304/316 bolts/nuts/washers are available on request

single air release valve with side flange Material List

Body:Ductile Iron BS2879-500.7/DIN1693 GGG50/EN1563 GJS500

Float guide:ABS

Isolation valve: brass

O-ring: EPDM BS2494

Cover:Ductile Iron BS2879-500.7/DIN1693 GGG50/EN1563 GJS500

Bolts and Nut: Zinc-plated steel BS4190

Seat: EPDM BS2494

Gasket: EPDM BS2494


Bracket: Nylon

Hinge pin: Stainless Steel

single orifice air valve size

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