Project Description

22.5 degree elbow in upvc for pipe connection, which can be used in water supply and drainage project.

22.5 degree elbow in upvc for pipe connection technical specification:


1、Light Weight: the weight is only 1/6 of the iron pipe with same length.

2、High Tensile Strength: tensile strength is over 45 Mpa

3、Low Water Resistance: smooth inner-wall; the loss volume of water should be 30% less than casting pipes, which can save lots of operating power.

4、Corrosion Resistance: good resistance to acid, alkali and chemicals; electrical corrosion resistance; no pitting corrosion when during service.

5、Easy Installation: flexible connection, rubber-ring sealing; easy installation, tight sealing.

6、Long Service Life: service life is more than 50 years under appropriate temperature and pressure.

7、Non-toxic and hygiene: can be used for drinkable water, avoid the second pollution.

8、Low cost: high quality product with favorable price; low cost for transportation and installation; the total cost should be 30% less than casting pipes.

22.5 degree elbow in upvc for pipe connection Material List

1. Material: UPVC

2. Size: DN110-DN315

3. Pressure: 0.63-2.0 Mpa

4. Color: Grey, White,Blue,Orange

5. Media: Water

6. Standard: JIS, ANSI, DIN;

7. Certification: ISO/GB

22.5 degree elbow

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