Project Description

api 609 gate valve stainless steel class 150, which can be used in water supply and drainage project.

api 609 gate valve stainless steel class 150 technical specification:

Nominal Diameter:    1/2-36 inch

Nominal Pressure:    Class150/300/600/900

Design Standard:    API 600/API 6D

FTF Dimension:    ASME B16.10

Flange Connection:    ASME B16.5/ASME B16.47/ API605/ MSS SP-44

Inspection and Test:    API 598/ API600/ API 6D

api 609 gate valve stainless steel class 150 Material List

1.Body: ASTM A216 WCB/ASTM A351 CF8/CF8M
2.Gasket: Soft iron+graphite/SS304+graphite/SS316+graphite
3.Seat ring: A105+13cr/A105+STL/CF8/CF8M
4.Disc: ASTM A216 WCB+13cr/ASTM A351 CF8/CF8M
5.Stem: ASTM A182 F6a/F304/F316
6.Backseat: ASTM A182 F6a/ASTM A351 CF8/CF8M
7.Packing: Graphite
8.Packing gland: ASTM A182 F6a/F304/F316
9.Gland eyebolt: ASTM A193 B7/B8
10.Eyebolt nut: ASTM A194 2H
11.Eyebolt pin: ASTM A36/SS304/SS316
12.Gland plate: ASTM A216 WCB/CF8/CF8M
13.Bonnet bolt: ASTM A194 2H/B7
14.Bonnet nut: ASTM A194 2H/B7
15.Bonnet: ASTM A216 WCB/ ASTM A351 CF8/CF8M
16.Nipple: Carbon steel
17.Stem Nut: ASTM A439 D2
18.Gland Nut: Carbon steel
19.Hand wheel: Ductile iron
20.Hand wheel Nut: Carbon steel
21.Screw: ASTM A193 B7

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