Project Description

cast iron ball valve with flange connection, which can be used in water supply and drainage project.

cast iron ball valve with flange connection technical specification:

Face to Face Standard: DIN3202 DN50-100 F4, DN125-250 F5

Flange connection standard: EN1092 PN16


Simple structure and good interchangeability 

Stem sealing perfect, avoids leakage phenomenon.

Applying to two pieces connection ,structure is simple and convenient to be maintained 

Butterfly disc owns automatic alignment function, and achieved small combination of disc and seat

cast iron ball valve with flange connection Material List

  1. Washer: PTFE
  2. Bonnet: GG25
  3. Graphite gasket: Graphite
  4. Bolt: Carbon steel
  5. Ball: SS201/SS304
  6. Body: GG25
  7. Washer: PTFE
  8. Gland: GG25
  9. Bolt: Carbon steel
  10. Locating washer: Galvanized iron
  11. Locking ring: Steel
  12. Wrench: GGG50
  13. Stem: SS201/SS304


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