Project Description

brass ball valve with NPT or BSP threaded, which can be used in water supply and drainage project.

brass ball valve with NPT or BSP threaded technical specification:


Even more malleable than bronze, brass is also more versatile, as different combinations of copper and zinc create a wide range of brass with varying properties. Brass also lends itself well to manufacturing, as it can be cast, forged, heat extruded, or cold drawn in its creation. It is very machinable, and its smooth surface helps keep finishing costs down. Brass is highly corrosion resistant, though high levels of chlorine can break down zinc content. Otherwise, brass is perfect for a variety of media, including natural gas. And, for potable water, brass is a natural choice over bronze, as it typically contains much lower levels of lead than bronze.

Nominal pressure: PN16

Nominal Size: DN15-DN50

Working Medium: Water or other liquid

Pipe Threaded: NPT/BSPT/ISO 228

Working Temp: -20 to 150 degree Celsius

brass ball valve with NPT or BSP threaded Material List

  1. Body: Brass
  2. Bonnet: Brass
  3. Seat: PTFE
  4. Ball: Brass or Carbon steel
  5. Stem: Brass
  6. Gland: PTFE
  7. Pressing Nut: Brass
  8. Handle: Iron
  9. Nut: Stainless steel

ball valve drawing

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