Project Description

electric actuator intelligent multi turn type IMC, which can be used for butterfly valve and gate valve.

electric actuator intelligent multi turn type IMC technical specification:

Non-intrusive design, infrared setter control without open

Precise measurement of torque, reliable control

Automatic phase sequence rectification, phase-loss protection

Motor over-heated protection

Valve position display when power is off

Double sealed wiring cavity

Enclosure protection grade IP67 or IP68

Explosion-proof grade Exd II CT4 Gb

electric actuator intelligent multi turn type IMC 

1.Encoder: Stroke control signal acquisition is absolute encoder, with a high measurement resolution. Precise positioning and control of output shaft could be realized through the encoder which also meets the requirement of the control of valve or other mechanism with a super long stroke. Timely-display valve position is also realized when power is off.

2.Infrared setter: locally operated, it can be used to set working parameters of the electric actuator, used check breakdown signal. It is intrinsic safety, which means it can be used in explosive environment.

3.Driving pair: worm with high surface hardness and worm gear with superior copper alloy, the worm properly meshes with the worm gear, with a long operating life, qualified load bearing and high-efficiency and other features, totally complies with valve bearing features.

4.Solenoid switch: Magnetic line is used to power the hall components in the electric actuator so as to implement transformation between local and remote control, valve open and close, and other setting functions.

5.Specialized motor: high start up, torque, low rotary inertia, built-in temperature control units which can the motor from over-heated status.

6.Manual/Electric switch mechanism: reasonable design, reliable performance, semi-automatic, electric override design, full-load output shaft is applicable when using manual/electric switch

7.Torque control: non-intrusive design,high precision of torque control and a high torque repetition, it totally meets the requirement of valve driven by torque and valve driven by stroke.

8.Output shaft: torque thrust type and torque type. The torque thrust type can bear valve stem thrust and stem nut is set in the output shaft, easy and reliable dismantle and mounting.

9.LCD display: it applies high definition, high light and high contrast LCD display. It presents English interface, valve position and other related information. It can receive infrared setter orders, easy operation, convenient debugging and reliable operating

10.Control panel: super integrated circuit board centering on micro processing, powerful function

11.Double sealed wiring cavity: a reliable sealing structure design, double sealing structure makes sure the sealing performance when the case is open outdoors. Unique design of terminal board, with numerous terminals and convenient wiring.

actuator structure

actuator details

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