Project Description

Resilient seat gate valve DIN3352 F4 rubber wedge, which can be used in water supply and drainage project.

Resilient seat gate valve DIN3352 F4 rubber wedge technical specification:

Valve Design: EN 1171/DIN 3352/EN 1074-1

Face to Face: EN 558-1 Series 14/ DIN 3202 F4

Flange Drilling: EN 1092-2/ ISO 7005-2

Hydraulic Test: EN 12266/ ISO 5208

Shell Test Pressure: 24 bar

Sealing Test Pressure: 17.6 bar

The main advantages of gate valve include:

1. The fluid resistance of the valve is small. Because the valve body of gate valve is straight-through type and the flow of the medium doesn’t change direction, the fluid resistance of it is small compared with other kinds of valves.

2. The sealing performance is better than that of other shut-off valve. The opening and closing of it is more conveniently.

3. The range of applications is more wider. In addition to steam, oil and other media, it can be used in medium containing granular solid and with a large viscosity. It can also be used as air-venting valve and low vacuum system valve.

4. Gate valve has dual flow directions. It’s not subject to the flow directions of the medium. Therefore, it is suitable for use in pipeline where the medium may change the flow direction. It is also easy to install.

Resilient seat gate valve DIN3352 F4 rubber wedge material list

gate valve structure

Body: Ductile Iron GGG40/50

Wedge: Ductile Iron GGG40/50

Wedge Coating: NBR/ EPDM EN681-1 (Please CLICK HERE to check how is the rubber coating process)

Wedge Nut: Copper Alloy

Stem: Stainless Steel X20 Cr13 (Please CLICK HERE to check what is inside structure of stem and brass nut)

Bonnet Gasket: NBR/ EPDM EN681-1

Bonnet: Ductile Iron GGG40/50

O Ring Back Sealing: EPDM/ NBR

Stem Collar: Stainless Steel/ Brass


Stuffing Nut:  Copper Alloy

Dust Guard: EPDM/ NBR

Hand wheel: Ductile Iron GGG40/50

Stem Cap: Ductile Iron GGG40/50

all size resilient seat gate valve


We do not have any MOQ for this valve, 1 set order is also can be accepted.


It depends on the order quantity, the common delivery time will be 15-20days after received payment.

Payment way

30% deposit, the balance will be paid before loading.

Hydraulic testing

We promise 100% hydraulic testing before exporting, with testing machine.

Body testing: 1.5* design pressure

Sealing testing 1.1* design pressure

We can provide 12 month warranty after shipping date.

gate valve hydraulic testing

Packing way

Plywood case in exporting standard,bubble plastic packing inside

plywood case packing

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